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Customer Testimonials

See what our customers are saying about us!

The American Association of Notaries prides itself on its unique customer service. In a highly technological age when it is often difficult to get a hold of anything but a machine, AAN offers personal contact to ensure that we troubleshoot our customers� problems and answer their questions promptly and efficiently. The testimonials that follow attest to the exceptional quality of our customer service and products. We appreciate the time our customers take to provide us with feedback, and we encourage you to let us know how we can improve our services in the future.

You've got a great company. What I saw on the website was exactly what I got. The quality of the merchandise surpassed what I expected. Plus, you gave me a free downloadable booklet AND free membership for a year. So, I commend you guys and thank you for a terrific experience.
v voboda
I was so impressed by my notary stamp when I received it from your company today by UPS! I tried another place for my stamp, but was fooled by their advertisement that in all intents and purposes gave the impression of my requested notary stamp being included in the deal, but when received, I realized it was not--I got an embosser for my money, a lot to say the least. When I called to confirm, they stated it did not come with the order. I asked: "I guess I have to use my notary skills for now on if I ever intended on using your company again." It was truly a sad experience, until I bought from you!

I, too, am writing because when I opened the package, which got to the house in good condition, I noticed a letter inside stating my membership and the card was enclosed. When I looked for the card it was not in the package received from you. I would be grateful to your sending me the card so I can activate my membership online, ASAP! I hope I may receive some time in the near future from you.

Thanks for the "incredible experience of my buying from you..."
G E. Beer
Thanks so very much for the stellar service I received with my initial order! My order was received accurately and within 24 hours even though it was during holiday season. I (and especially my client) can't thank you enough and will share my experience often.
I wanted to e-mail you guys and compliment your staff on excellent service. Very fast and professional from start to finish. Made sure everything was correct and I appreciate it. I will make sure all my future notary needs are obtained from American Association of Notaries. Very pleased with my purchase. Thank You

Shaun B. Morton

S. Morton
It amazes me how fast you get my orders out. Most places I’ve waited a couple weeks just for the Item to be shipped.


J. Havens
Thank you for sending the supplies so promptly. I look forward to my membership with you
C. Harris
Thank you for all of your help! I received my seal, embosser, and journal this afternoon (Friday) and all look correct.

Thanks again.

Have a signature day!

K Starr
Thank you for the quick turnaround on my recent order. Your web site was easy to use, the instructions for ordering were easy to follow, the payment process was flawless, and I received my order within five days. I appreciate it all.
E. Taylor
Just completed the course over the weekend. Thanks for offering it! It will be a nice supplement to my legal academics.
J. Supplee
Thank you for your prompt response to my request. I have theWestern Surety documents (the rider and POA). Your service has been excellent. I shall use your company in future and will highly recommend your firm to whomever I can. Thank you again for your excellent service.

J Rhodes

I really appreciate this newsletter as it always reiterates something I have forgotten. Thank you
so very much.
I received my supplies today. I am very satisfied w/ your service, and thank you. Love the purple stamp...
I just applied for your complete notary package. I would just like to say how remarkably easy this process was. I am very impressed with your site and I'm excited to get my certificate. I decided to become a notary so that I could put that on my resume. I was recently laid off from my job and need all the help I can get. I just wanted to compliment you on your site and your notary program. Keep up the good work!

K Kunkel
Thanks for that excellent comprehensive answer to my question on what is the law regarding a NY State notary performing notary duties when overseas? Regards,
Dear American Association of Notaries Staff:

Thank you for the monthly newsletters AAN sends out. They are timely, informative and clearly written.
I've received my notary seal. Thank you for your quick & efficient service!
R Surovick
I have just completed the Texas Notary On-line self study examination. This is such a tremendous help. I could read and take the exams at the end at my own pace and not feel rushed. The exam itself pointed out a lot of the most important rules that a new Notary would definitely need to know and be aware of in the State of Texas. Thank you so much for making this process so very helpful and easy to get started. I will be mailing in my Application Form and bond and getting error and omission insurance as a added helpful piece of the process.

S. Snider-Mitchell
I received my stamp today ! Thank you so much for the fast service and the courteous call from customer service to handle the questions your staff had.
B. Smithey
Thanks. You guys ROCK; you do a great job of a prompt response.
thank you so much! I am sorry for the inconvenience however I appreciate your company for helping me fix the issue!

~ ~ From BRENDA ~ ~
Good morning. The article regarding certified copies of passports was extremely informative and beneficial. Articles such as this are wonderful: Keep up the great work.
I want to thank the customer service agent who assisted me in this matter last week. I was astounded that anyone called me back about my notary stamp issues, and even more amazed that she took care of the problem promptly.

I regret I don't recall her name, but she did an outstanding job and my new stamp is PERFECT.

Please make sure she knows how grateful I am for her superior customer service and problem-solving skills.
Wendy S

Texas notary bonds and errors and omissions insurance policies provided by this insurance agency, the American Association of Notaries, Inc., are underwritten by Western Surety Company (established 1900). American Association of Notaries, is owned by Kal Tabbara, licensed insurance agent in Texas.